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        CUCED, A Value Provider for Clients and Society

        China United Northwest Institute for Engineering Design and Research Corporation (shortened as China United Northwest Institute Co. Ltd. or CUCED). CUCED was established in 1964 and originated from the Eleventh Design and Research Institute of China Mechanical Industry Ministry in China’s 3rd five years plan construction period and designed more than 80% of the countrys industrial backbone enterprises and research institutes. Now CUCED belongs to the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) ,which is a world top 500 oversize company. CUCED is a national integrated specialist in large-scale full-service engineering construction, featuring civil architecture design as core business, characterized by industrial and environmental engineering design and centering around general engineering contracting.

        CUCED now possesses 43 kinds of qualifications, including: 14 class A qualifications for architecture (full industries), machinery (full industries), electronics and communication industry (full industries), municipal engineering(full industries), urban and rural planning, environmental engineering; 5 general contracting qualifications for construction and qualification for foreign contracting projects.Now CUCED provides a wide range of services covering engineering consultation, engineering cost, engineering design, rural and urban planning, bidding agency, engineering supervision (management), EPC general contracting, equipment integration, construction drawing inspection, energy-saving evaluation for investment projects of fixed assets, fire protection inspection, total 11 large kinds of business types. Now CUCED has cut its way through the business industry of consulting, design, cost, bidding, construction and supervision (management), it also has the most widely range, largest and highest level of qualifications in northwest China, and is one of the leaders in innovation to carry out the EPC project general contracting of large-scale comprehensive construction in northwest research units. Now CUCED has more than 20 special or know-how techniques: the application of green building in the construction industrialization and new types of urbanization, the special research of hall design at ultra high voltages, key technology for sponge urban design, research on integration design and so on. CUCED has accumulated more than 7000 high-quality major projects for domestic and international markets; CUCED has won national and provincial or ministerial awards for more than 500 scientific research payoffs; CUCED has gained over 40 national and provincial scientific and technological projects; besides, CUCED has gained over 50 national patents. CUCED has also played the main or assisting role in stipulating over 20 standards and specifications. Hence it has been honored as one of the leading organizations in technology trading by the government of Shaanxi province for six continuous years.

        CUCED has a postdoctoral innovation base of shaanxi province, the research center of engineering technology for energy-environment and building energy conservation, a  group-innovation demonstration incubator base, and five key scientific and technological innovation teams of Shaanxi province. It also has more than 1200 experienced young and old employees with higher education backgrounds and advanced academic titles on the basis of industry-university-research cooperation. Besides it has more than 400 national accredited architects, over 50 provincial and ministerial experts. Moreover, it has the joint training demonstration station for postgraduates in Shaanxi province, the employment base for Central China Normal University graduates, the employment base for Chinese Academy of Social Sciences graduates. CUCED has jointly set up the platform of Shaanxi energy-environment and building energy conservation with Xi an Jiaotong University, and has jointly set up the platform of ecological city research and development with Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. CUCED has also collaborated with many universities to set up postgraduate practice bases, such as Xi an Jiaotong University , Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Chang an University, and North China Electric Power University.

        Our leading momentum in the five major sectors of civil architecture, industrial and environmental engineering, urban planning and municipal engineering, new energy and electric power, and project construction has secured us an annual growth rate of over 20%. In addition, our technology innovation, professional reputation and government recognition have also been rated as “leading within the industry, and first-class within the nation.” Our special honors include: “Institute with Contractual Integrity and Creditability in China”, “National Advanced Designing Enterprise”, “Advanced Design and Engineering Enterprise Award”, “National Integrity Demonstration Establishment”, “Corporation Culture Excellence Award”, “Best Modern Management Award in the Machinery Industry of China”, “Model Establishment”, “Enterprise of Innovative High-Technology”, “Technological Trading Excellence Unit”, and “Advanced Entity Award of Xi’an” and so on. 

        To build “leading in China, famous in the world” full type engineering construction integration specialist, CUCED is ready to offer clients at home and abroad with comprehensive, full process and over-all value-chain technical support and management services, with the aim of being an outstanding vanguard in excellent projects.

        Address:16th ZhangBa Four Rd.,Xian,P.R.China          Site:www.gls-safe.com 

        Tel:86-29-62351000                  Fax:86-29-62351222

        Zip Code:710077

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